Sample One Day Self Drive Tour Itinerary.

This is an amazing self drive itinerary trip designed to highlight the very best Scotland has to offer in one day including Stirling castle, Trossachs national park, which is often called the Scottish highlands in miniature, romantic Loch Katrine, beautiful Loch Lomond, and Glengoyne distillery.


You can start this one day tour from Edinburgh, Glasgow or any other place in central Scotland.






The Scottish Highlands in Miniature, Loch Lomond and Whisky.    One Day Self Drive Tour of Scotland.





   Highlights: Stirling Castle, Trossachs National Park, Loch Katrine, Loch Lomond, Glengoyne distillery.



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Duration: approximately  8 hours  (5 hours travelling, plus 3 hours of stops at various attractions.)        


Total Distance:    269 km    167   miles



Budget for the trip (estimated):  

  -  Stirling castle entrance fee - £15 per person
  -  loch Katrine boat trip £14 per person
  -  lunch at a pub:  £12 - 15 per person
  -  Glengoyne distillery tour - £10.50 per person
  -  coffee/tea with croissant or cake £4 - 5 per person
  -  a pint of beer £3 - 4
  -  a shot of whisky - from £4
  -  parking (all stops)  - £10
  -  petrol (estimated) - £20 - 30
  -  car hire - £50-100 per day





Coordinates for your Sat Nav in different formats:


   - A lot of attractions in Scotland do not have an address, or the address can be not very accurate for sightseeing.
     It is recommended that you use Sat Nav coordinates in this format: e.g.  N 56°13'30.8" W 4°24'10.2" or 56.225222, -4.402833


   - or you can use post code: FK8 1EJ


   - or the name of town or village e.g. ABERFOYLE


All coordinates in this format:   N 56°13'30.8"   W 4°24'10.2"   or    56.225222, -4.402833   can be viewed in Google maps, just copy and paste into Google.





1.   Edinburgh – Stirling Castle

Travel time:    1 hour.      Distance:   65 km   40 miles


Coordinates of Stirling Castle:

N 56°7'22.033''  W 3°56'43.267''  |   56.122787, -3.945352

Or you can use Post Code:   FK8 1EJ


Stirling castle:
Opening Hours:  9:30 - 17:00   (last entry 16:00)
Tickets:   £15,   child £9   (5-15 years).

Parking:  £4 per car. You can park your car very close to the entrance of the castle.


Additional Info:
There is a very good gift shop and a café inside the castle.
Audio guide in English and most European languages
Toilets are located at the entrance of the castle and inside the castle.

Edinburgh – Stirling Castle








2.   Stirling Castle – Loch Katrine

Travel time:    50 min.      Distance:   39 km   24 miles

Coordinates of Loch Katrine:

N 56°13'59.4"   W 4°25'43.9"  |   56.233175, -4.428869

These coordinates will take you to a car park near Loch Katrine visitor centre.


Boat Trip – Loch Katrine  - admire beautiful landscapes from a cruise ship on Loch Katrine:

60 min cruise daily: 15/05 To 30/09 2019
Tickets:   £14,   child £7.50   (5-15 years).


Stirling  Castle – Loch  Katrine




3.   Loch Katrine – village of Aberfoyle


Travel time:    20 min.      Distance:   11 km   7 miles


Coordinates of Aberfoyle:

N 56°10'41.4"  W 4°23'01.5"    |  56.178159, -4.383746


Additional Info:
Coordinated will take you to a free car park in the village. Aberfoyle is a good place for a lunch stop  -  there’s a good pup in the village - The Forth Inn, it’s right next to the parking.
Here you can try traditional Scottish dishes and local beers and whiskys.




Loch Katrine – village of Aberfoyle





4.   Aberfoyle – Loch Lomond


Travel time:    40 min.      Distance:   34 km     21 miles


Coordinates of Loch Lomond:

N 56°09'08.5"     W 4°38'36.1"     |     56.152361, -4.643361


Parking:  £1 per car


Additional info:
An amazing place on the shores of Loch Lomond, an excellent place to go for a walk.
Near the car park you will find a good restaurant/pub where you can have a snack or tea/coffee/beer/whisky - The Clansman Bar Restaurant.


Aberfoyle  – Loch Lomond




5.   Loch Lomond -  Glengoyne distillery


Travel time:    35 min.      Distance:   27 km     17 miles


Coordinated of Glengoyne distillery:

N 56°00'50.5"  W 4°21'49.6"
    |    56.014022, -4.363773


Parking:  free.


Glengoyne distillery tours: £10.50 per person.





Loch Lomond -  Glengoyne distillery




6.   Glengoyne distillery  -  Edinburgh

Travel time:   1 hour   30 min.       Distance:   90 km    56 miles


Coordinates: Your hotel in Edinburgh.










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